Thursday, March 28, 2019

Blue gives up partnership with the post office in cargo transport

The Blue Air company announced on Tuesday that dropped out of the planned partnership with the post office to creation of an integrated logistics company. In fact, the Blue claimed that Blue's recipe Post Express grew 57 percent last year, higher than the projected expansion when it began discussions with the post office. "As a result, the company believes it is in your interest to have flexibility to celebrate other more favorable trade agreements, as well as participate in future competitive bidding processes of post for the transport of cargo," said Blue in the document, adding that the suspension of the plan does not impact its financial projections to 2019. John Rodgerson, Blue's Chief Executive, said that although the deal was not scrapped, it is expected to continue expanding the customer base. "With the addition of new-generation aircraft with greater payload bay, we expect to see a significant margin contribution from our cargo business unit in the next few years," said Rodgerson in the document. The partnership, announced in December 2017, was approved by the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) last month.
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