Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Meatbox: from meat e-commerce to physical store, restaurant and franchise

Graduated in business administration, Virgilio Carrilli de Paiva worked for 12 years in the commercial area of multinationals before becoming one of the largest bbq entrepreneurs in Brazil. The first idea of its own business came in 2015, when he founded the meat online store Meatbox. "We started with an e-commerce selling basically special cuts cattle and pigs. From the beginning, we work with high quality cuts and specialized logistics to ensure product quality and service offered", he says, to the column. According to Virgo, as it is called by customers and friends, the business plan has always contemplated the opening of a physical store, which was effectively inaugurated in February this year, in the Region of Campo Belo, south of São Paulo. In eight months, in addition to the sale, Meatbox began serving lunches from Wednesday to Saturday with a menu prepared by chef and professional barbecue Nubia Signorini. There are steak options such as ancho and denver, smoked rib and termite, marinated and roasted pork seam, among others. The amount per person is from R$ 39. Smoked cupid burgers and sandwiches are also on the menu. Núbia also signs the events on Saturdays, with varied options of R$59 to R$99 (individual and shareable, respectively). Franchised shop In 2019, brand growth continues to surprise. Now, the first franchisestore has just opened its doors in Vila Mariana. "The idea came about due to requests from other entrepreneurs interested in opening a Meatbox. For this, we changed a little the 'face' and the concept of the brand and the store and started standardizing for franchises", explains Virgo. In parallel, the entrepreneur is also a founding partner of the Barbarians festival, which also grew and ceased to happen in the interior of the state to debut in style in the capital, last Saturday, November 9. Barbecue Festival "The Barbarians was initially raised in Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, where we are from the beginning. The party was growing and we are already in the sixth edition. Our decision to make in the capital this time was strategic to reach a large center. There are 4,000 people among customers and staff working at the event. Today, we are recognized as one of the best meat festivals in Brazil, with churrasqueiros and highly qualified chefs", he analyzes. And if you think Virgo is satisfied, look only what he expects from the future: "I still have a lot to go through in this competitive market, but at the same time, it grows a lot. We have many opportunities in the coming years in the market for quality meat in Brazil, I hope to participate in this growth and contributing to this. A lot of work, dedication and, above all, pleasure in doing what I do are secrets of success for me", he concludes. – How do you see the barbecue market in the coming years in Brazil and what other projects do you have? The market is huge and has grown a lot, at the same time the consumer becomes more demanding every day. My main project and objective is the expansion of MEATBOX stores in the state capital and in strategic cities in the interior of SP. The barbarians in 2020 intends to make 5 editions and also some special projects in several cities in Brazil.
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