Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Camargo Cia de Embalagens uses sugarcane-based film in the packaging of the Rakkau vegan supplement line

To reduce environmental impacts and offer solutions that are aligned with the purpose of its customers, Camargo Cia de Embalagens seeks sustainable alternatives in its projects and has strategic partners to combine beauty, endurance and innovation in its packaging manufacturing process. Proof of this is the packaging developed for Rakkau, which produces vegan supplements with sustainable ingredients and sought a differentiated proposal for its products. The film used in the packaging produced by Camargo was developed by Braskem and is called Polyethylene Verde (GREEN PE), or "Plástico Verde". It is manufactured from sugarcane ethanol, a 100% renewable raw material, being the first resin of its type certified in the world and which has the brand "I'm green", which ensures its origin and recyclability. Polyethylene Verde has a wide application in packaging of consumer goods. According to Braskem's Renewable Chemicals Manager, Lúcia Ino, the resin contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is in line with consumers' growing interest in sustainable solutions. "Throughout its cycle, the biopolymer manufactured from ethanol captures 3.09 kg of CO2 per kilo of Green Plastic produced. The savings generated in the manufacture of 200,000 tons of Green PE offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by the equivalent of 89,500,000 people," he explains. Rakkau's Marketing Director, Cleonildo Neto, says the idea for the new packaging was to generate more product experimentation, in smaller portions and at the same time adopt more sustainable practices. "Because our packaging is 600 g and 900 g, we fractionate these doses in the form of 36 g sachets so that people could experience a new flavor, in this case vanilla (initial design of this type of packaging), have the ease of taking it in the bag or even , have a first contact with the product," he says. "Gradually all our packaging will use green PE," he concludes. The Company's innovation team, myPACK, is always focused on developing strategic packaging, differentiated and customized from the needs and characteristics of the product to be filled. "Based on rakkau's proposal for health and products, myPack thought of a package that reflected the brand's attributes and was sustainable, with more natural resources, thus reaching braskem's green PE," explains the Director of Camargo Cia de Embalagens, Felipe Toledo.
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