Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Brand launches vegan cosmetics with support from junior companies of USP

Vegan cosmetics, natural and affordable. This is the bet of the company Ambar Cosmetics to enter a market that has already moved R$ 30.4 billion from January to July this year, according to the Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (Abihpec). The brand was conceived and is managed only by women: sisters Raquel de Souza Lima, biologist, and Dakla de Souza Lima, advertising and philosopher, Sara de Souza Lima, pharmaceutical in training, and Juliana Varie Tsuchida, chiropraxista. The idea arose from their own experiences and needs because they dealt daily with the issues of sensitivity, dermatitis and allergies to the compounds of some cosmetics. They want to offer natural, vegan, free products of animal cruelty and affordable, a new option for Brazilian consumers. They sought junior companies from USP, which are managed by students, to assist them in the creation of Ambar Cosmetics. Farma Júnior, a pharmacy course company at USP in São Paulo, contributed to the research of toners and product formulation, such as creams and lipsticks. "Coordinating the project team and getting a formulation that met customer needs were the biggest challenges," says student Karen Richarde dos Santos of Farma Júnior. Another junior company that participated in the project was Marketing Júnior, from the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH) of USP. They conducted market research and brand communication planning. "In the first stage, in addition to trying to understand which cosmetics people buy the most, we had to know which ones cause the most allergies," explains Marketing student Yuri Dallabrida, project director at the junior company. The market research sought to understand the possible competitors and what are the best strategies for the launch of the brand. "We wanted to deliver a complete solution to them, but there were other elements to think about," Yuri says, referring to the company's opening and the entire legal issue related to the business. There came the work of Sanfran Jr, a company also managed by students, in this case, of the Faculty of Law (FD) of USP. Ambar Cosmetics does not yet have products available, as it is in the development phase. Still, it has great projections for the future. "Our vision is simple and unique: we want to be a global reference in the beauty industry for people with sensitive skins, and we will be," says Raquel de Souza Lima, one of the founders. According to the biologist, Ambar has as pillars transparency, so that people know about the components of the product and feel safe when using it, the safety in relation to the inputs used in the formulation and representativeness, seeking to reach different audiences. You can contact the brand via the Instagram page. About junior companies To develop entrepreneurship at the University, junior companies help develop the autonomy and leadership of students. They are non-profit entities, created and managed by students of usp undergraduate courses. They offer services and create projects of varied themes. Farma Júnior, for example, carries out among other things cosmetic formulation, pharmacy training and microbiological analysis. You can contact us via email
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