Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Friday expected to record a 10.5% increase in sales

Retail is expected to move R$ 3.67 billion in sales on Black Friday this year, the highest revenue in a decade, the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) calculated. If the forecast is confirmed, sales will increase by 10.5%, representing 6.8% more than last year, discounting inflation for the period. Products with the highest chances of effective discounts are men's pants, microwave ovens, smartbands bracelets, wardrobes and mobile phones or smartphones because they are items that have recorded the lowest price hike in the last 40 days of cnc research - closed on the last day 15. To reach the result, more than 2,000 prices were collected daily on search sites. Electronics and household utility items should be the highlights, with R$ 929.4 million in sales in the settlement period, followed by the hyper and supermarket branches (R$ 899.3 million) and furniture and appliances (R$ 845.5 million). According to a survey by the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption (SBVC), 89% of respondents were willing to spend more money this year than in the 2018 edition. The average ticket also rose: the average intention of spending is R$ 1,334, almost R$ 50 more than in 2018 (R$ 1,283). Accession The increase in consumer membership to date is due to a number of factors, according to experts. The economic scenario – with Selic at 5% per year, FGTS looting and the beginning of the resumption of employment – and the consolidation of the Concept of Black Friday in the country are some of them. Contrary to what happens in the United States, birthplace of the event in Brazil, the commercial date emerged as a strictly online event and now firms in traditional retail. The intention to buy only on the internet fell from 52% in 2018 to 38% in 2019, according to Google's survey. Some factors contribute to the intention of going to physical stores: freight price, greater transaction security, lower chance of fraud and the possibility of leaving with the product at the time of purchase. One of this year's Black Friday trends, pointed out by analysts, is the popularization of the so-called omnichannel. "Consumers can buy something online and withdraw from the store, or eventually go through the store, test a product and buy online," says Albert Deweik, CEO of NeoAssist. Care when buying Security Access safe websites, enter the correct address of stores instead of searching for products on search sites and checking for the drawing of a padlock next to the page link are the most basic tips. In addition, taking the screenshot and saving the image with the discount offered can be backed up in future complaints. The advertised price may change at the end of the purchase. Delivery time One of the biggest problems in e-commerce is the delay in delivery, due to heated demand. Online stores have an obligation to inform the delivery time frame and comply with it. The possibility to buy online and withdraw from the physical store is a guarantee of faster access to the product. How to recognize a good discount In the week leading up to the date, prices are already contaminated. The solution is to search for applications that monitor prices to see if there has been a rise in recent months. Is it worth waiting? In the view of Idec economist Ione Amorim, 90% discounts, for example, are difficult to happen. Therefore, if the offer is at 50% and 60%, and meets the needs of those who buy, this can be a good deal. She recalls that in case of finding a bigger discount on Friday, in the same store as the purchase, the consumer can make complaints to the shopkeeper from a moral point of view.
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