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Textile industry design best margins next year

12/18/2018 - Faced with the prospect of improvement of retail and maintenance of the current level of costs, the

J&F sells power lines to Taesa R $942 million

12/18/2018 - The holding company J&F, which belongs to the Baptist brethren, closed the sale of four transmission

Drug company Eli Lilly will close factory in Brazil

12/18/2018 - U.s. pharmaceutical Eli Lilly reported that will close your factory in Brazil, located in the Morumb

Tecnogera Designs 50% high in Generators

12/18/2018 - The Tecnogera specializes in temporary power solutions, provides 50% growth in the demands of retail

Retail Sales Grow 4.4% in November

12/18/2018 - Yet contrary to the Serasa Experian data, the index shows high 4.4% Cielo in retail sales in Novembe

São Paulo industry Closes openings in November

12/18/2018 - The Sao Paulo State industry closed 14500 vacancies in November, falling 0.67 percent without season

Datamark recess/2018 COSTDRIVERS

12/17/2018 - Please be advised that we will be in recess from 22 December to 06 January 2019. From January 07 all

Supermarkets Record Deflation in November

12/17/2018 - Supermarkets in the State of Sao Paulo recorded deflation of 0.64% in November, compared with the pr

PE: falling prices in Latin America

12/17/2018 - Chain reaction to low world per-barrel oil and the increase in this year's production of resin in th

After the end of the dispute between the partners, Pernambucanas moth plan to...

12/17/2018 - After a period of difficulties, which involved relevant loss of market share and a long fight betwee

Bayer goes after the ' stars ' of agribusiness

12/17/2018 - One of the most common mistakes in marketing in today's world, according to experts, is to think of

Plan of Pernambucanas is occupy spaces before the competition

12/17/2018 - To fulfill the task of increasing by more than 30% your presence in the country by 2021, the Pernamb

E-commerce sales at Christmas will increase 12%, says Abcomm

12/17/2018 - E-commerce sales this holiday season will grow 12% compared to the previous year, according to the B

Brazil buys less soda to consume at home, says Kantar

12/14/2018 - In the last three years, Brazilians have fallen 8% the frequency of purchase of soda for home. Accor

Smiles give CAP in Argentina, an eye on share of 10%

12/14/2018 - The Smiles loyalty program that is on track to be incorporated by the Goal, just to kick-start for y

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