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Pre-salt can stimulate chemicals to invest to reduce imports

11/26/2018 - The advance of oil production – mainly in the pre-salt layer-in Brazil can be an investment opportun

IFood launches digital portfolio and expects to reach 50000 restaurants

11/26/2018 - The Movile technology group and your platform of delivery of food, iFood, are launching a digital po

Açotubo Group invests R arm $2 mi on new machine

11/26/2018 - The Açotubo Group, through your industrial division Incotep, invested R $2 million on purchasing a n

Sale of food, souvenir and coffee recipe help museums

11/26/2018 - Before the process of precariousness of public investments in exhibitions and initiatives related to

Consumer confidence rises 7.1 points in November to 93.2 points, says FGV

11/26/2018 - Consumer confidence advanced 7.1 points in November compared with October, in series with seasonal a

End of year luncheon OPENS

11/26/2018 - The Brazilian way in times of chaos Michel Alcoforado, Anthropologist and founding partner of Consum

End of year luncheon OPENS

11/23/2018 - The Brazilian way in times of chaos Michel Alcoforado, Anthropologist and founder of Consumoteca

Gerdau will invest R $550 million in plant

11/23/2018 - Gerdau announced on Thursday, 22, an investment of RS $550 million in your plant in Pindamonhangaba,

Virtual cards issued by ITA must grow 59% in November

11/23/2018 - The issue of virtual cards by customers of Itaú Unibanco must grow 59 percent in November this year

Engie invests R $250 million in solar power plants

11/23/2018 - The Engie, private power generating company, is entering with force in the business in the form of p

Flow of visitors of shopping malls has resumed in October

11/23/2018 - The flow of visitors to shopping malls began to gain traction in October, with consumers getting rea

Restaurants create forms to take the meal into the client's House

11/23/2018 - The restaurants have created solutions to ensure the sale of meals even with the decrease in the flo

Consumers avoid shopping in early November

11/23/2018 - In the 15 days of November retail sales movement paulistano fell, on average, 1.1% in comparison wit

Demand for satellite broadband like it

11/22/2018 - At a time of increased demand and establishment of new models to offer, the fixed broadband market v

1.1% in October-growing retail but loses acceleration rate

11/22/2018 - Survey indicates that sales of the retail sector showed growth of 1.1% in October compared with the

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