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Complain Here Register Complaints About Black Friday

11/28/2018 - The complain here recorded an average of 230 complaints per hour for shopping and deals on Black Fri

Want to reduce sugars from Food industries

11/28/2018 - In partnership with the Ministry of health, the Brazilian industries have developed a plan of volunt

Chocolaterias want to ' Easter ' climate in Christmas

11/28/2018 - With the approach of Christmas, one of the key dates for the sale of candy, chocolate networks want

Black Friday grows 18% and R $2.9 mi only on the internet

11/28/2018 - Black Friday this year showed revenues of R $2,920,000, 18% higher than in the same event of 2017. T

End of year luncheon OPENS

11/28/2018 - The Brazilian way in times of chaos Michel Alcoforado, Anthropologist and founder of Consumoteca

USA won't overtax PET of Brazil

11/27/2018 - Completed the research process in place since 2017, the US Government decided not to promulgate surc

Brazil is the first country to receive new bottle of Budweiser

11/27/2018 - Budweiser has a new look. 330 ml bottles and 550 milliliters won unique design, with a pattern of st

Merchants have to provide containers with biodegradable raw materials

11/27/2018 - The Bill (PL) number 104/2015, authored by State representative Wilson Santos (PSDB), which rules on

Markets in high

11/27/2018 - Convenience, speed and proximity. With this trip, the mini markets come gaining space in Brazilian c

Minerva hopes to capture $1 bi R with IPO

11/27/2018 - The Minerva Foods hopes to capture between R and R $1.5 $1 billion billion initial stock offering (I

Tetra Pak launches first pilot plant operation of the company in Latin America

11/27/2018 - Tetra Pak started operations of a plant for testing of new products. Part of an investment of R $40

Supermarkets design revenue of R $33 billion

11/27/2018 - Missing just over a month to 2018 is over, but the Gaucho Association of Supermarkets (Agas) you can

Down 5% in high Predicts sales for the Sector

11/26/2018 - The National Association of Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products (Down) provides for

Dates are 45% of end-of-year Sales

11/26/2018 - Black Friday and Christmas represent almost 45% of retail sales during the end of the year, accordin

Black Friday is Gold for E-commerce

11/26/2018 - Since 2010, the year he arrived in Brazil, the Black Friday represents good sales for retailers. In

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