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September, 2018

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India: Countdown to single-use plastic

9/28/2018 - The India program for 2022 the entry into force of one of the world's most comprehensive prohibition

Construction machinery industry grows in the country, but far from the record

9/28/2018 - With slightly higher than expected performance for 2018, the construction machinery sector awaits a

Holding of restaurants want to have 90% of direct negotiations with producer

9/28/2018 - Focusing on the Rio-São Paulo, the holding company Hervilha intends to break the traditional trading

Sale in Rio de Janeiro shrinks 4%

9/28/2018 - August recorded the eighth consecutive year negative result in sales of trade retailer of Rio de Jan

Marketplace buy time for new law

9/28/2018 - The markeplaces won an extension to fit the new rules of the Central Bank (Bacen) for performance. T

Women are only 13% of companies

9/28/2018 - Although the matter has gained projection, the presence of women on the boards of the companies is s

Essity invests US $ $160 million in expansion of its plants until 2019

9/27/2018 - The Mexico is the first Latin America's most important market and the seventh in the world in terms

CMPC wants to become a leader in the Latin American market of tissue paper

9/27/2018 - New ares are blowing in CMPC. The company controlled by the Matte family is once again making signif

Suzano reduces by half the financing for the acquisition of Fibria

9/27/2018 - Suzano reported on Tuesday that reduced by half the financial commitment with certain international

Grow 11.9% corporate travel in the second quarter

9/27/2018 - The business travel-related sales amounted to R $2.495 billion in the second quarter of this year,

Only 12% believe that direct room reservation with hotel is cheaper

9/27/2018 - Only 12.7% of Brazilians believe that travelers booking made directly in the hotel is the best way t

Seasonings with sodium out of Brazilians ' shopping list

9/27/2018 - The search for a healthier life consistently changed the buying habits of the Brazilians. An example

Service sector gains in muscle of Smiles

9/27/2018 - The service sector, called internally in the Smiles of "universe of travellers", is gaining more and

Nike's quarterly revenue grows higher than expected

9/26/2018 - Nike exceeded slightly the average estimate of analysts for the quarterly revenue, when new releases

Bicycle Yellow brazilian startup raises $ $63 in contributions

9/26/2018 - Little more than a month after starting its operations on the streets of São Paulo, the brazilian st

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