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July, 2018

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Brazilian industry of drones is consolidated and bet on growth

7/31/2018 - With solutions tailored to the local market, Brazilian manufacturers of drones come conquering compe

Price of milk hit record in July

7/31/2018 - The milk price received by producers rose in July for the sixth consecutive month and reached record

Norwegian Air makes request to operate flights in the country

7/31/2018 - The low-cost airline Norwegian Air, filed last Friday, 27, asked to operate regular direct flights b

Walmart wants to compete with Netflix

7/31/2018 - A video streaming service back to the public of the interior United States is in the giant retailer'

E-commerce Group Carrefour Represents 6.8%

7/31/2018 - The e-commerce Group Carrefour Brazil already represents 6.8% of retail sales, in the first half of

Brazil spends more on restaurant and lodgings during the World Cup in Russia

7/30/2018 - The Brazilians were Russia to follow the World Cup took the opportunity to meet the local cuisine. M

Food retail lives ' fever ' of the baby kisses

7/30/2018 - Join baby kisses to paste on a card and redeem for free gifts turned craze among Brazilian consumers

Heineken's profit has high of 9.1% and goes to €950 million

7/30/2018 - LONDON-Heineken reported that it had net profit of 950 million euros ($ $1.11 billion) in the first

McDonald's creates currency to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac

7/30/2018 - McDonald's will promote an action this week to celebrate the 50 years of the Big Mac, your most famo

Anticipate settlement is out of textile retail

7/30/2018 - Due to the stoppage of the Teamsters, the World Cup and high temperatures for the winter period, the

Eletrobras distribution auction has worked better than expected

7/27/2018 - Even without dispute, the auction of Cepisa, distributor of Eletrobras, had a result higher than exp

AmBev sells more during the World Cup and adjusted profit rises to R$2,35 bi ...

7/27/2018 - Ambev had adjusted net profit of 2.35 billion dollars in the second quarter, up 9,7% compared to sam

French Casino Group strengthens focus on asset sales to reduce debt

7/27/2018 - The French retailer Casino Group, which faces investor fears about its high debt levels, said is adv

Cost of security in Rio shops rises R $180 mi despite intervention

7/27/2018 - The expenses of the stores of Rio de Janeiro with security have risen by R $180 million during the f

Bake House Grows in Campinas (SP)

7/27/2018 - The bake House franchise chain expands your expertise in Campinas (SP), this time in the Elysian fie

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