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June, 2018

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After a rough couple of months, Aurora Foods begins to improve results

6/29/2018 - Aurora foods, third largest brazilian processor of chicken and pork meat, has since rallied after fa

Paraná networks grow above the national average

6/29/2018 - In April, the supermarkets of Paraná State achieved growth of 1.75% in comparison with the same peri

Nestlé might have to auction off Kid's brands

6/29/2018 - A business closed for 16 years is not yet fully resolved. Nestle failed to sell a package of ten ma

Retail revenue fall 25% in the days of the brazilian national team games

6/29/2018 - Retail revenues decreased, on average, about 25% during the days of brazilian national team games in

Brazil has unemployment of 12.7% in the tri until may, says IBGE

6/29/2018 - The unemployment rate in Brazil was in 12,7% in the three months to may, according to the Brazilian

Suzano Papel e Celulose can buy forests of Duratex for about $750 million R

6/29/2018 - Contrary to what had been expected, Suzano Papel e Celulose may exercise the option to purchase, by

Pharmacies seek multicanalidade

6/29/2018 - Shopping in the online store and withdraw in physics, or vice versa, has been constant search for go

Agencies review goals an eye on economy

6/29/2018 - Economic reviews must not pass beats by corporate tourism segment. After the new revision of the gro

E-Commerce Must make more profit with Black Friday

6/28/2018 - The billing of e-commerce in Brazil should reach R $53.5 billion during the Black Friday 2018, that

Delinquency rate Should Stay at 4.99%

6/28/2018 - The average rate of default of individuals follows in fall in June and is expected to stay at 4.99%,

Brazil leads world consumption of coffee, but there is room to grow more

6/28/2018 - Coffee is a true national passion. Last year, each Brazilian consumed, on average, 817 cups, number

Mondelez announces new General Manager in Brazil

6/28/2018 - Carlos de la Torre is the new General Manager brazilian operation of Mondelez. The Executive is in t

Livelo and CVC close partnership for purchases in physical stores

6/28/2018 - The company Livelo loyalty and the CVC closed a partnership in which consumers can use their points

World Cup: volume increase, but also costs

6/27/2018 - Watch the matches of the World Cup with beer in hand is an indispensable ritual for millions of fans

Unilever acquires manufacturer of natural products

6/27/2018 - Unilever has just set the acquisition of 75% of Italian Balances, manufacturer of natural food suppl

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