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May, 2018

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Unemployment rate has slight drop, but follows concern

5/30/2018 - In the three-month period between February and April, 12.9% of Brazilians were unemployed. The index

Four Extra supermarkets are reinaugurados with new layout

5/30/2018 - The Extra flag reinaugurou today (29/05) four supermarkets were reworked: the Diadema and Osasco, bo

Understand consumer behavior during the strike of truck drivers

5/30/2018 - To ensure supply, consumers flocked to the super and hypermarkets in the days in which intensified t

Growing optimism with the Brazilian market reveals Heineken

5/30/2018 - Not even the effect of the economic downturn in consumption took the optimistic view of Didier Debro

Consolidation in health can be opportunity for manufacturers

5/30/2018 - In the midst of a slow resumption, the prospects of a second cycle of acquisitions in health service

Footwear producers estimate that half of the work force is idle with strike

5/30/2018 - National footwear producers feel the effects of the truckers ' strike, which came in your ninth day

Success of the Franchise has attracted Bad Franchisors

5/29/2018 - There are franchisors that see the franchisee as investors and not as partners to help in the growth

Whirlpool Grants Layoffs in factories of SP and SC

5/29/2018 - From this Monday (28), the manufacturer of Whirlpool appliances, owner of the trademarks and will gi

Startup Select Cheaper Imported Items

5/29/2018 - The Grabr, luggage-sharing application by international travelers, have chosen some imported product

Animal protein production can take months to recover, says Association

5/29/2018 - For lack of transport, due to the blocking of highways by truckers on strike, thousands of tons of f

Futurama seeks investor to troubleshoot

5/29/2018 - Traditional network of supermarkets of the city of São Paulo, the Futurama is going through serious

43% of households have supplies for up to 30 days

5/29/2018 - A survey of Ticket, food and meal benefits, found that 43% of users of their products say they're st

Card slots housewives feel reflection of the strike

5/29/2018 - Card slots housewives already felt the reflection of the Teamsters ' strike. Despite the race part o

Strike Paralyzes the Country in various sectors

5/28/2018 - The truckers ' strike comes to your fifth day and cause even more disorders in 22 States and Federal

Meat can be the next product missing in supermarkets

5/28/2018 - Stock is down in some shops and there is possibility of breakages on time after four days of the Tea

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