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February, 2018

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PIF Paf Foods will invest R $100 million in 2018

2/28/2018 - The Pif Paf Foods announces that it will invest R $100 million in management systems, product develo

E-commerce of Sao Paulo Bill R Bi $4.19

2/28/2018 - E-commerce in São Paulo presented a turnover of R $4.19 billion in the third quarter of 2017, discou

Sales of Easter eggs Should Move up to 5%

2/28/2018 - Sales of Easter eggs in grocery stores should grow between 4% and 5% this year. The prices of season

São Paulo announces agreement with Adidas to supply sporting goods

2/28/2018 - The Sao Paulo accepted on Tuesday the proposal from Adidas to be the new sportswear supplier of the

Suspends operation project of supermarkets on Sundays

2/28/2018 - Currently in the House of representatives a draft legislative decree suspending the Decree (9,127/17

Macroeconomic study of the packaging OPENS/FGV: performance of the packaging ...

2/27/2018 - Join and check out: output Performance of the main packaging consumer goods industries employment Le

Acai Concept WINS projection and wants 400 stores outside of Brazil

2/27/2018 - Using as raw material a native delicacy in the Amazon region, the company divided into acai berry ha

Comcast makes tentative offer of 22.1 billion pounds by Sky

2/27/2018 - Comcast announced today a tentative offer of 22.1 billion pounds ($ $30.9 billion) by Sky, surpassin

Sugarloaf reduces packaging with sell in bulk

2/27/2018 - Part of a series of adjustments that the Sugarloaf has made in their stores, the sales of bulk foods

Search for insect repellents on the internet grows 300 percent at the beginni...

2/27/2018 - The concern with yellow fever not filled only the vaccination stations. The demand for e-commerce, r

About 30% of the investment in retail media has no return

2/26/2018 - One of the greatest challenges of the market still has been attracting customers. In a time where th

In the post-crisis, the resumption of consumption is unequal

2/26/2018 - Anyway the Brazil starts to come out of the recession. In a recent report released by the Central Ba

Doritos has new packaging for the Lollapalooza 2018

2/26/2018 - Doritos presents its new packaging for Lollapalooza music festival Brazil 2018, which this year take

Ingredients are featured in the new label of Heinz ketchup

2/26/2018 - Heinz ketchup labels feature a novelty: the ingredients appear prominently. On the front of the Pack

Electric bills will continue with green flag in March

2/26/2018 - BRASILIA-the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) reported that the accounts will have light gree

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