Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wholesale sector hopes to reach thousand companies in 2019, says Union

A survey commissioned by the Union of Wholesalers and distributors of the Holy Spirit (Sincades) to the Educational and Industrial Development Institute (Ideies) pointed out that the wholesale segment grew by 34.1% in Espirito Santo in billing period from 2015 to 2017. And, according to the Union, this growth trend remained in 2018 and will continue in 2019. It is expected that the sector will reach thousand companies and manages more than 50000 direct and indirect jobs. The survey was answered by 536 enterprises (of a total of about 650), which generate 16,284 direct jobs across the State. The Sincades estimate is that if included the indirect and the other companies don't respondents of the survey, this number exceeds the 40000. " The wholesale segment demand a series of outsourced services such as food, security, systems management in General, transportation, cleaning and others, that form large contingent of labor, "said Neena Live, President of Sincades. Approximately of 38% of companies claimed to have invested in 2018. Together, they add up to R $219.4 million. "These data show the environment that we are building on our State, both for attraction of new companies and investments", celebrated Live. Soundness of companies other data revealed by the survey was the companies ' storage area that totals more than 900,000 m2:18.3% of companies who responded to the survey have their own storage area, in an area which accumulates 286,360 m ² (average 3,046 m ² per company). "This demonstrates the strength wholesaler companies in Espírito Santo," Live. More than R BI $1 collected in GST Even in years of economic crisis, of 2015 to 2017, the wholesaler and distributor capixaba grossed more than one billion in ICMS by year and grew 34.1% in turnover, according to the data. Consumer electronics segment on high most of the wholesale sector companies participating in the competitive contract is in the great victory. The municipalities of Serra and Cariacica occupy the leadership with 252 and 111 companies, respectively. Soon after, comes with 74 companies, Vila Velha and Vitória, with 31. The electronics and computing segment leads in the number of companies who responded to survey (16.5%), followed by the auto parts segment (13.2%), food (13.1%), cosmetics and Perfumery (11.2%), medicines and related (10.1%), clothing and footwear, and building material (9.8%). "The figures demonstrate the importance of the sector in capixaba life. Expectations are more than positive for the coming year, with more jobs and income for the entire State, "concludes Live. Other data – 17.3% of surveyed companies are located in municipalities in the interior; -The percentage of employees with complete higher education working in the companies increased from 21.9% in 2015 to 26.9% in 2017. The number of employees with elementary and secondary education incomplete full fell; -Vehicle fleet: Own: 4,834 and Outsourced: 24,069. -Average of 73% of the operations are to other States.
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