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November, 2018

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Shopping malls in the country must sell 8 percent more this holiday season, s...

11/30/2018 - São Paulo – The shopping malls in Brazil must sell 8% more on Christmas this year compared to 2017,

Maersk sees more than 50% increase in export of cotton from Brazil until 2020/21

11/30/2018 - SÃO PAULO-cotton exports in Brazil plume should increase more than 50% over the next three years, to

Number of vegetarians jumps and requires attention from retailers

11/30/2018 - Before the synonym of vegetarian food was just salad and vegetables, today both large as small bet n

Roadway equipment sector growing up than expected in 2018

11/30/2018 - The roadway equipment sector obtained higher than expected growth in 2018, pulled by heavy segment.

Klabin will disrupt pulp contract with Fibria

11/30/2018 - São PAULO Klabin reported on Thursday that says it will disrupt supply contract of short-fiber pulp

Dental plans accelerate and reach record of beneficiaries

11/30/2018 - While the hiring of health care plans still out of hand after a severe crisis, the dental plans acce

Almost half of sales and marketing professionals in Brazil are optimistic

11/30/2018 - Almost half (49.2%) of the sales and marketing professionals in Brazil is optimistic about the futur

Inepar terminates reorganization and prepares your largest plant sale

11/30/2018 - Four years after entering reorganization, Inepar, corporate group that was one of the symbols of the

End of year luncheon OPENS

11/30/2018 - The Brazilian way in times of chaos Michel Alcoforado, Anthropologist and founding partner of Consum

The Congraf was chosen by Packaging Jequiti to print packing perfume CR7 in B...

11/29/2018 - The manufacturer of packaging reproduced the cartridge with maximum originality

Demand for building materials in infrastructure must be for 2020

11/29/2018 - The building materials sector provides for a more consistent upturn in 2019, with growth of up to 2

Pharmacies and supermarkets win allies in dispute over drugs

11/29/2018 - The arm around the Bill that allows the sale of non-prescription drugs (or MIPs) in supermarkets and

' Model Farm ' at Bayer will have more productivity

11/29/2018 - Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm, Cold water (GO) – first initiative of Bayer in Brazil to guide sustain

Mitsui must fund $30 mi lithium project Sigma in MG

11/29/2018 - RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)-Mitsui 30 million dollars should finance a lithium project Sigma, in Minas

Negotiation between Smiles and Goal on incorporation may take 3 months

11/29/2018 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-negotiations between the Smiles with the Goal in a merger plan can take about th

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