Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sales of supermarkets in Brazil rise 0.5% in September, says Open

SAO PAULO (Reuters)-The supermarkets sales in Brazil in September grew 0,47% in real terms compared with same month of 2017, but shrank 0, 5% in comparison with August, reported on Tuesday the Brazilian supermarket Association (Abras ). In the year to September, the sector showed real growth of 1,92% against the same stage last year. The Open design before 3% high sales in 2018. In July revised the estimate to 2,53% due to the truckers ' strike. " Year to date, we believe we will get even closer to the goal ", told reporters the President, João Sanzovo Neto. According to him, the consumer proved to be afraid in recent months with the economy amid election dispute, but the sector waits for the start of the new Government with optimism. " Entrepreneurs are in favour of a liberal economy, with a smaller State and more efficiency in the application of taxes ... What is heard in the campaign and now coming this way, "said Sanzovo, stressing the importance of social security, tax reforms. Open publish the first projection to 2019 in January. September PREÇOSEm, Abrasmercado products basket was discharged from 0,39% on August, 460.29 real, having among the largest high rice, frozen chicken, cheese and creamy margarine dish. At the other end, onions, soap powder, cassava flour and potatoes had the biggest drops. " We don't expect to have big oscillations in 35 categories from the basket until the end of the year, "said the Director of GfK, Marco Aurélio Lima. According to him, the Abrasmercado basket should end the year with a high of about 3,5%, just below the consumer price index (IPCA). Regionally, the Midwest recorded the largest rise in basket Abrasmercado in September compared with August (+ 2,35%), followed by the Northeast (+ 1,62%), while South (-0.7), North (0.5) and Southeast (0.3) had retraction. Christmas and REVEILLÓNPara the end of this year, the Open design of 10,27% nominal growth in sales, especially for seasonal produce drawn, according to poll conducted between September 4 and October 5 in 102 supermarket chains. The estimate exceeds the high of 8,34% expected for the same period to 2017, which in the assessment of the President of the Open improvement illustrates trust of the supermarket. The research indicates that 33% of those surveyed intend to hire temporary labor, compared with 23% in 2017. With that, the sector can open between 11000 14000 and temporary vacancies at the end of this year, including the Flash. The supermarket also predict high 6,92% in sales of imported items, compared with 5,83% in 2017. In relation to seasonal items, the expectation is high of 13,1% sales of Christmas pudding and 11,9% in ham.
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