Monday, October 22, 2018

Philip Morris makes bet on electronic cigarettes

One of the few companies that dominate the manufacture of cigarettes in the world, Philip Morris comes, in recent years, trying to put an end to the product. The bet is the replacement of the traditional cigarette for IQOS, electronic system that, instead of burning tobacco, only heats up, eliminating smoke and, according to the company, reduces the harm to health. Even when the replacement for reality, however, the Rio Grande do Sul will follow on the company, which has in Manhasset all your brazilian manufacturing operation. "It's an important branch, one of the most complete, with full integration, and we have a responsibility to the region," argues the President of Philip Morris in Brazil, Manuel Chinchilla. From 2013, all production is centered in just one plant, which renders the smoke and makes filters, packaging and other inputs. Are produced in Santa Cruz about of 10 billion cigarettes a year, supplying the domestic market and countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Chinchilla, who received journalists amid the celebrations by 45 years of the multinational in Brazil, stressed that Philip Morris acts in the municipality since landing in the country. At the beginning of the year, a company that would produce cigarettes in the United Kingdom, even without data forecast, worried the tobacco growers of the region. Chinchilla argues that the transition in the world will be made gradually, with the two coexisting. "In the short to medium term, therefore, we don't meet any problem for producers", defends the President, adding that the Brazilian has smoke volume and superior quality. Even in Santa Cruz, the company's goal is that, if the is regulated in Brazil IQOS, the plant must operate dual-form producing both traditional as "heet", species of minicigarro that is used for IQOS. The sheets, manufactured in other countries lead Brazilian tobacco in composition, according to the company. Sold from 2014 in Japan and currently present in 42 countries, IQOS is not regulated in Brazil. According to the Director of Corporate Affairs of the company, Fernando Vieira, there are negotiations to release the product in the country, but there is no forecast. Philip Morris argues that there is already scientific evidence to prove the thesis that, without combustion, tobacco risks are reduced. "It's better than the cigarette, although not without risk", says Vieira, who says that, in Japan, there are already researches showing that 98% of users of IQOS migrated from other forms of tobacco use, with only 2% being beginners. With about of 20 million smokers, Brazil is seen as a promising market for the new product. While the IQOS doesn't turn reality in Brazil, another factor is celebrated by the company. A change in the law enabled the manufacture of boxes with less than 20 cigarettes for sale overseas, until then banned. "We should start this production at the beginning of next year," says the Chief Operating Officer, Alejandro Okroglic. The goal is to increase the export to other countries in Latin America, where there is demand for this type of packaging.
Jornal do Comércio - 21/10/2018
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