Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Only 8% of Brazilians resell used cell phones to professional mode

The majority of Brazilians has a habit of giving the old appliance to friends and family when they buy a new smartphone and only 8% of them resell in a professional manner. The number, which adds up to 12% who resell on your own, show a great potential for growth in this market. "Analyzing this part of the study, we realized that the Brazil still does not have a large secondary market of smartphones," says the leader of technology, media and communications from Deloitte, Marcia Ogawa, noting that most Brazilians prefer to store the appliance in the event of some unforeseen event, old as theft. The data in question are part of the study "Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Deloitte and reveal that among consumers who resell the unit, 1% made to stores, 2% sold or traded with the manufacturer of the appliance, 1% made the deal on carrier, in addition to the 4 % steady business through websites. The number, however, is well below the 28% that give the old appliance to friends or family members (see the chart). And it is precisely to take advantage of the potential of this market that the PLL, Group Service Centre authorised network, created this month, the Yesfurbe, new smartphones marketing site and car sales. The company invested $5 million on R platform and operates through your e-commerce portal, retail partners and supply agreements with insurance companies. "There are countries like Japan and the United States that adopted this model for two years and we saw a significant increase of sales, according to research," explains the Managing Director of Yesfurbe, Danilo Martins. The strategies and Operations Director at Deloitte in the United States , Phil Wilson, explains that, in Japan, United Kingdom and United States, the number of people who were exchanging old for new smartphones jumped from less than one-third to two-thirds in approximately two years. "The fact that people are changing phone more quickly could represent a form of monetization for telcos and other stores", analyzes the expert. One of the companies that sells used equipment of Yesfurbe is the Hashtec, network of cellular repair franchises. "The second sale represents, initially, about 30% of revenues from the store. It is expected that this percentage is 40% over the next 6 months, "talks to the DCI new Manager Retail projects.
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