Tuesday, October 30, 2018

European Union bans plastic Disposable until 2021

Is open to countdown to plastic disposable in the European Union (EU). Resolution taken in October by 23 legislators gathered in Parliament of the common market in Strasbourg thickened the pressure by the ban, until 2021, single-use plastic artifacts, such as straws, swabs, expanded polystyrene containers ( EPS) and packaging containing oxidegradáveis components, according to news agency Reuters. The role of plastic Disposable outcasts involves products with alternatives already available and in tune with the ideals of sustainability and circular economy. The parliamentary decision also obliges EU members countries to recycle 90% of plastic bottles consumed there and processors of these packages should contribute money to fund the management of the waste collected and shipped to recycling . Second was released, the EU today recycles around 6 million of the 25 million tons of plastic garbage it generates every year. The decision with broad support in Strasbourg aims to combat marine pollution and reflects, according to Reuters, concern with the end of the scrap recovery determined by the Chinese Government and the impatience of politicians and activists of the EU with the processing of measures in emerging countries to deal adequately with the pollutant. The final rules of the decision of the European Commission must pass the approval of member countries and, despite any resistance, it's seen as the long-awaited placement in the practice of rhetoric of sustainability. "It is the first strategy in the world looking at the issue of plastics in our economy" declared to Reuters Mr Frans Timmermans, first vice President of the European Commission.
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