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October, 2018

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Aymoré Produces new packaging for Biscuits

10/23/2018 - Birthday Commemorative Edition, the Aymoré, Arcor brand of Brazil, has developed a new visual identi

The pharmaceutical industry has prepared document with proposals for new Gove...

10/23/2018 - The pharmaceutical industry, represented by entities of various segments of the production chain, ha

Only one tenderer, Sao Paulo Energy takes control of Cesp with 2.09% premium to

10/22/2018 - After four failed attempts in recent years, the Government of São Paulo finally managed to realize t

Sale in trade rises 0.5%, but will follow in ' idle '

10/22/2018 - Brazilian retail sales advanced 0.5 percent in September, on a monthly comparison, according to the

Philip Morris makes bet on electronic cigarettes

10/22/2018 - One of the few companies that dominate the manufacture of cigarettes in the world, Philip Morris com

63% work with cell phone outside the company

10/22/2018 - At least six out of every 10 Brazilians often use smartphones for professional purposes even outside


10/22/2018 - At the close of the spot market of milk from the first half of October to low pressure continued. Re

Beverage market of low alcoholic content is little explored in the country

10/19/2018 - The biggest concern with the health of the population has open space for low-alcoholic drinks in the

Unilever's sales recovery in the third quarter with price increase

10/19/2018 - Unilever unveiled on Thursday a recovery in sales in the third quarter, as managed to pass on higher

Nestlé has high sales in 3Q, but overshadows Asia Director output result

10/19/2018 - The Chief for Asia of Nestlé, Wan Ling Martello, took the sales growth of the largest packaged food

Third generation of Piccadilly change product and stores project starts

10/19/2018 - Three years ago, the family Grins, owner of the Gaucho Piccadilly shoe manufacturer, promoted the th

Korsa provides 20% of revenues in 2018

10/19/2018 - The company specializes in corporate insurance, risk management and consulting Korsa wait close the

Enel Green Power uses robots and drones in solar power plants in the Northeast

10/19/2018 - The renewable energy generating Enel Green Power is using drones and robots to seek greater efficien

Summer approach raises forecast for sporting goods sales

10/18/2018 - With a possible gradual elevation of temperatures in coming months and the arrival of holidays, the

Qualitá if repositions and launches new products

10/18/2018 - The Group's own brand Qualitá GPA, will undergo a repositioning and new products. The goal is to exp

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