Monday, October 22, 2018

63% work with cell phone outside the company

At least six out of every 10 Brazilians often use smartphones for professional purposes even outside working hours. On the other hand, more than 70% solve personal issues through the appliance during office hours. The conclusion of study conducted by Deloitte in 22 countries; in Brazil were heard 2000 people. Of these, 33% say that "very often" working remotely from the smartphone. For other 30%, the practice is frequent. Partner-industry-leading technology, media and telecommunications consulting, Marcia Ogawa upgraded the stance as a "symbiosis". According to her, the trend-which should still grow-guard both positive as negative. "Many companies are doing the move to make professionals can use mobile phones [during office hours] for the purposes of increased productivity or to give greater flexibility to the worker", assessed. The practice, however, can generate an unwanted distraction environment: according to Deloitte, the Brazilians that "very often" use your smartphone for personal purposes during working hit 39 percent. Other 37% do the same with frequency. Already 43% admit distraction of professional functions on the use of the appliance. Such an attitude among Brazilians still points to the overuse of mobile devices – which, according to Deloitte, worried about their own users. Among women, 55% believe using the smartphone in excess against 44% among men. In the case of the age group between 18 and 24 years, 60% do the same diagnosis. " Intensive use of mobile will be powered with the arrival of the 5 g ", scored Marcia Ogawa. "This is a path of no return. Devices according to Deloitte, the smartphone is "by far" the most used appliance in the country. In 2018, the penetration of the device reached 92% (high annual five percentage points). Then the notebooks (70%) and desktops (64%). In the case of smart TVs, also reached 64% penetration in 2018; in 2015, only 28 percent were counting on the appliance. Deloitte Research still pointed to a growth in popularity of domestic solutions of internet of things (IoT). " We are realizing the IoT entering homes. [Such as] connected surveillance systems were not as evident in Brazil, but are starting to get ", Marcia Ogawa. Among the respondents of Deloitte, 14% claimed to possess the technology, compared to 11% a year ago. The same jump was registered between appliances intelligent (of 11% to 14%) and the connected lighting systems (5% to 7%). In the case of tesmostatos, it was not observed increase in use. Applications Between the apps, the champion of popularity in the country was the controversial WhatsApp: 80% of Brazilians have said access to messaging tool at least once an hour. Then came Facebook, with 52% reporting such frequency. In 2018, the applications that have registered a drop in frequency of use were Facebook Messenger ( -2 percentage points), Skype ( -1 p.p.) and Snap ( -1 p.p.). On the other side, the Instagram won nine percentage points in popularity, according to Deloitte. The jump was driven by the success of the tool Stories.
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