Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tramontina slows down and reduces investment expansion

Tramontina, manufacturer of products for the home, your expansion slowed in the first half of this year, says the Chairman of the group, Clovis Tramontina.
The growth in the first half of 2017 was 5%-well below the 17 percent projected earlier in the year.
"In February, for the first time, none of the factories hit your goal."
The Tools area was one of the biggest responsible for the slowdown: retreated 30% in the period.
The company also concentrates efforts in expanding the sale of stainless steel cookware, which accounts for 10% of the revenue. The factory dedicated to the product, with a capacity to produce 400,000 items per month, has 30% idle.
"The brazilian crisis is confidence, although today the economy is taking off. We have to work and talk less than car wash. The important thing now is to solve unemployment. "
The Group also reduced your investment in speed 25% this year-in General, the level of contribution is 10% of the annual revenue.
The forecast, however, is to close this year with a high of 9.5% and resume the pace of expansion and investments in 2018. "We never stop investing, the market is cyclical. We want to be ready when the crisis is over. "
R $4.75 BILLION was the total revenue in 2016, high Tramontina 13%
18000 items have the portfolio
10 are the factories in Brazil, as well as in the U.S.
Folha – 22/08/2017
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