Friday, August 11, 2017

Sales for the day should jog R $5.2 billion in Brazilian retail

São Paulo-parents '' day should boost retail sales. According to the National Confederation of trade in goods, services and tourism (CNC), the date should move R $5.2 billion in the country, a high of 3.1% over the same period in 2016.
Responsible for 8.3% of industry revenues in August, the date represents a chance to increase sales. With opportunities more accessible in gondolas, factor arising from the recent falls in interest rates and inflation, the entity expects that segments such as hyper and supermarkets, personal and domestic articles, and clothing and shoes stand out.
"The fall in interest rates, influenced by the moderation in inflation, will help to reverse the losses in the sector in recent years on father''s day", says the Chief Economist of CNC, Fabio Bentes.
Despite the estimated growth in turnover, the increase should not be enough to offset the cumulative loss over the past two years. To date, sales in the segment of hyper and supermarkets must represent 34.4% of the total, reaching R $1.96 billion. The field of personal and domestic articles must move R $712.3 million, and apparel and footwear: R $656.3 million.
According to the CNC, half of the 16 items that make up the basket of goods and services more defendants on father''s day should be cheaper in 2017. In this context, we highlight the retractions on the prices of consumer durables, such as: microcomputers (-16.3%), electronic devices (-9.0%), watches (-3.5%), in addition to stereos (-2.0%) and Tv (-1.7%). On the other hand, food service away from home (+ 4.3%) and tickets for movies (+ 7.4%) are more expensive.
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The slight sales recovery may cause a slight increase in the hiring of temporary workers. The expectation of CNC is that workers be hired 22300 to meet seasonal demand in the sectors impacted by the day.
With the perspective of offering temporary posts 5800, supermarkets and hypermarkets should account for 26% of retail contracts. In addition, clothing and footwear stores must hire 19% of the total, equivalent to 4200 vacancies. With this, it is estimated that the average salary of admission is approximately R $1,220.
DCI – 11/08/2017
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