Tuesday, August 22, 2017

JBS diversifies and enters the fertilizer sector

JBS, the world leader in protein, will go into new agribusiness sector: the fertilizer. The basic raw material for this new activity will be the organic waste from their operations.
The company, whose name and location of the head office were not disclosed, will have investments of R $30 million. The beginning of the activities will take place within a year, according to Nelson Dalcanale, President of JBS new business.
To drive this new company, was hired the Executive Susana Martins Carvalho.
Fertilizers produced by the new company being created if diverted to crops such as soy, corn, coffee, cotton and groceries, according to Dalcanale.
The fact that the country has high dependence on fertilizer imports weighed on the company''s decision to enter the sector.
Three months ago, the owners of the JBS made a snitch in Attorney-General of the Republic.
Folha – 22/08/2017
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