Thursday, August 31, 2017

Independent market Pigs Presents Fall

The independent market pigs follows in fall. The bag of marketing of pigs from Sao Paulo last week, signals to the market new references in R $75.00 R $77.00 for at sign and conditions respectively R $ $4.00 purse 4,11/Kg live-ante $78.00 R $80.00 R by arroba (R $4.16 and R $4.26). According to information from the Paulista Association of Pig Breeders (APCS), the market is down is between R $5.80 r $6.30/Kg. The bag of Minas Gerais, held by the Association of pig farmers in the State of Minas Gerais (ASEMG), between producers and representatives of refrigerators, suggested the value of R $4.40 for the marketing of the kilo for pig alive-R $0.20.
South market
In Paraná, the value disclosed by the Associação Paraense de pig farmers (APS) are in R $3.90. Santa Catarina has opted for price maintenance, R $3.80. In Rio Grande do Sul, the weekly survey of pig exchange rate made by the Association of breeders of Pigs of the RS (ACSURS), pointed median price paid for a kilo of live swine to the independent producer in the State, compared with R $3.72 R $3.82.
Giro News – 30/08/2017
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