Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Growing production of trucks and buses

The July balance of Anfavea-National Association of Automotive vehicle manufacturers showed increased production of trucks and buses. Exports-especially in the case of trucks-have contributed greatly to the growth of the brazilian production.
The new forecasts of production and sales, disclosed in early August in São Paulo, points to a high of 28.2% in manufacturing heavy vehicles in 2017 (the previous forecast was 26.3%), with a total of 101,500 units manufactured in the year (see table above).
Trucks-truck production reached 7200 units in July, six percentage points above the 6800 produced in June and 41.5% greater than the 5100 that came out of the Assembly lines in July last year. The highest increases were registered in the semileves and light truck lines. From January to July, 43200 trucks were produced in Brazil, with a high of 19% over the same period produced 36300 2016.
Sales of trucks were discharged from 7.5% in July (4500 units) on the 4200 June, but fell 3.2 percent on the same month 4700 of the previous year. Year to date, the segment registers low of 14.1%: 26000 units were traded this year and 30300 in 2016.
Exports already reached the mark of 3000 units in July, 6.2% higher than the 2800 June to 57.3% above the 1900 July 2016. Year to date, the data indicate growth of 47.4%: 16600 in 2017 against 11300 in 2016.
Bus-in July, 2300 bus chassis left the Assembly lines, with high of 2.9% in comparison with the June 2200 and a jump from 40.7% before the 1600 July 2016. In the year, from January to July, 12300 units were manufactured, an increase of 12.9% regarding the 10900 units last year.
Sales in July totaled 1200 units, 1% low in comparison with the 1300 June and 27.0% from the 1700 last July. In the first seven months of this year 6100 units were sold, fewer in 16.9% against the 7400 from 2016.
Exports of buses in are stable in 4900 units, same result registered in 2016.
Infomet – 14/08/2017
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