Thursday, August 31, 2017

Biosev says that is changing to encourage ethanol production mix

SÃO PAULO-Biosev, second largest processor of sugar cane in the world, said on Tuesday that is changing your production mix to boost ethanol production, consequently reducing sugar production.
The Biosev, the brazilian sugar and ethanol unit controlled by the commodity trading company Louis Dreyus, said that the change is justified by a firm demand for ethanol in Brazil recently and by better prices for biofuel.
The company said in a statement that a recent change in taxes on fuels in Brazil has encouraged ethanol.
"With the increase of PIS/Cofins on fuel opened space for the revision of the mix. If the market trend continues until the end of the year, makes a lot of sense to keep the largest ethanol production, which could reduce the stocks of sugar by up to 2 million tons, "the company said, without providing further explanation.
The Biosev reported that the mix of the company''s ethanol production can range from 42 to 53% of total production.
"The flexibility of the Biosev in the conversion of its units, both for ethanol production as sugar, allows the company to follow the market changes quickly and adjust your operation to increase profitability with the largest prize paid by the final product," said the company.
Currently, the company has processing capacity of 36.4 million tons/year of sugarcane and 1,346 GWh/year of renewable electric energy surplus generated from the use of bagasse and other biomass.
On the eve, the Only Industry Association stated that ethanol prices have returned to show a certain attractiveness to the producing plants of South-Central Brazil in the first half of August, which were made in the period the lowest percentage of sugar cane for the production of sugar in four Fortnights.
DCI – 30/08/2017
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