Monday, August 21, 2017

Accera buy Trade Force

The Accera-Strategic Systems S.A., has just acquired 100% of the capital stock of Trade Force. This information, exclusively for the Turning News Newspaper, runs quiet between customers of the two companies. None of the companies reveals the numbers and do not confirm the transaction, it is said, however, that the deal was signed for a value greater than R $20 million.
Expert in information about sales and stocks of retailers and wholesalers, Accera is in the market for over 10 years providing industry data for demand planning, i.e. anticipation of production, as well as the real reasons for the non-availability of products in the gondolas. This means that, in addition to pointing out the lack of the product at the point of sale, also explains why the item is not exposed to the range of the shopper.
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The Trade Force, for your time, operates an application that monitors and manages all the actions of the industry teams at the point of sale, in addition to providing research, audits of merchandising, display of products and solutions to boost sales. With the acquisition, Accera integrates in a single function mobile data with the information from the teams of retailers, wholesalers and distributors, transmitting data safe, intelligently, to decision-making, to industries.
Several market players vied to Trade Force. With the acquisition, Accera becomes a strong solution in Brazil, Asia and Africa, where he has played the Trade Force and sum to its operations in South America and Central America, composing a national company, with global dimension, in a position to compete on equal terms, to lead in market intelligence. To manage the new operation of Trade Force should keep in Accera the current Directors of the company.
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