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August, 2017

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Accera buy Trade Force

8/21/2017 - The Accera-Strategic Systems S.A., has just acquired 100% of the capital stock of Trade Force. This

Copra Creates new processes and Opens new markets

8/21/2017 - The Copra industry specialized in Food processing of dried coconut, grows with the consolidation of

Mr. Cheney plans to get the 100 Stores this year

8/21/2017 - With 68 stores in operation across the country, the American cookies franchise chain Mr. Cheney Cook

Cooperative tries to get out of the shadow of Batavo

8/21/2017 - CARAMBEÍ (PR)-a story that started 106 years is ready to earn new chapters. The cooperative that gav

Eggs suffer new lower prices at the close of the week

8/21/2017 - Closing the deals made with egg whites and reds have failed to support and suffered the first setbac

Brazilian sugar exports via container rises 10%

8/21/2017 - Brazilian sugar exports totaled 743,679 tons container route in the second quarter of 2017, 25.81% i

Ucbvet designs 15% growth in 2017

8/21/2017 - Sao Paulo-the company of veterinary medicinal products Ucbvet Animal Health provides a 15% increase

Price of Beer outside the home Rises 0.7% in July

8/18/2017 - The prices of beer consumed outside the home-in bars, restaurants and other establishments-rose 0.7%

Zehn Bier Reveals Two New Craft Beers

8/18/2017 - Zehn Bier brewery launched on Tuesday (15), two new craft beers, they are: Extra Dark beer Irish Red

Melitta will have factory in Varginha (MG)

8/18/2017 - The Melitta, after purchasing the Coffee Baron, now must invest in setting up a factory in Varginha,

OIC raises forecast world crop of coffee 2016/17

8/18/2017 - LONDON-the International Coffee Organization (ICO) raised on Thursday forecast for world grain produ

Fathers day moves R$1,94 billion in e-commerce

8/18/2017 - Parents '' day, celebrated on the last Sunday (13/8), moved R$1,94 billion in e-commerce, high of 10

EFC will R $1 billion in stimulus to retail sector

8/18/2017 - The CEF (Caixa Econômica Federal) announced on Thursday (17/8) that will R $1 billion in resources f

Producers run out of space in silos with accumulation of record harvests

8/18/2017 - In a warehouse on the main agricultural region of Brazil, the producer Rafael Bana notes if trucks Q

Change guy outlets to compete with malls

8/18/2017 - São Paulo – The outlets are becoming, to draw the attention of the generation Y and conquer the spac

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