Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Perdigão reincorpora lasagne and throws cheese breads

Starting Monday, July 10, the lasagna back part of the portfolio of ready meals of Perdigão, BRF, in flavors Bolognese (600 grams and one kilogram), pepperoni (600 grams) and chicken with bacon (600 grams). In the same period, the brand presents your cheese bread line. For retailers, there are four versions: traditional (375 grams), cocktail (375 grams), Turkey Breast (375 grams) and snack (900 grams). In food service, the flavors of cheese bread are pepperoni, cocktail, beef jerky and snack, in packs of 900 grams.
"After modernising Perdigão branding and launch new packaging, we have freedom to act with a complete portfolio. It is a very symbolic moment, because with the return of lasagna, we act in all relevant categories and volumetric of the market, such as sausages and ham, "says Cecilia Mondino, Director of trademarks of BRF. According to data from Nielsen, provided by Perdigão, the market for frozen lasagnas moved R $740,000,000 in the last 12 months.
Lasagne line of Perdigão returns to points of sale after five years out of the market. In 2011, the year of creation of the BRF, the brand had to forgo some product lines by decision of the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade). From 2015, the brand is returning progressively to the shelves. The BRF also owns sound and marks Qualy.
Meio & Mensagem - 03/07/2017
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