Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New line of Premium Fruit Superbom

The Superbom, at the height of its 92 years of healthy eating, throws your new line of Premium fruit for truly demanding public. Made from fresh fruit and whole, every flavor of the line are made with 100% fruit cream, no sugar, dye or any preservative.
Glass packaging, with cover and exclusive labels, the line features the flavors: Strawberry with chia, berries with chia, grape, guava, apricot with pieces of fruit and Berry seeds.
The company stresses that nothing has been spared to create the best product on the market, since the fruits used to label material or unique print of the cover, everything was done looking for the highest standard of quality and synergy with the target audience.
The launch is aimed at the growing market for high-level jellies in Brazil, and will feature ad campaigns on TV open and closed, radio, outdoor, as well as campaigns on social networks and actions at the POS.
Giro News – 17/07/17
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