Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Glazes: the future belongs to the nail protection products

Consumers of beauty products have shown increasing concern about the adverse effects that the stress factors have on the appearance. This trend has also affecting the color cosmetics. "Therefore, the marks of nail polishes are already exploring new concepts of treatment. For example, the Nails Inc launched in 2016, the Overnight Detox Mask, night use product that follows the same principle of facial creams. Another highlight is the Sally Hansen brand, which recommends the use of your product Moisture Rehab preferably at night ", writes Charlotte Libby in a post recently published on the blog of Mintel.
According to the market research agency, almost one third of users of enamel in the United States is concerned about the presence of chemical substances in the products. The Mintel predicts that in 2017, will increase the number of products that offer protection for nails, as anti-pollution effect and protective barrier against UV rays. The Nails Inc, for example, launched in 2016 1 line of nail polish formulated with charcoal to protect nails against polluting substances.
But that''s not the only trend that could have an impact on the future of the glazes. The search for healthy habits can take power, for example, the emergence of new ingredients such as cabbage, turmeric, milk and almond. According to Mintel, for the brands of nail polish this trend represents a great opportunity to highlight the use of superfoods in their products. "On top of that, as the color of the year defined by Pantone for 2017 is the Green Greenery, brands have the ability to create glazes with vegetable hues, in line with this trend.
Following this wave in November 2016 the French brand Aroma cosmetics-Zone, which bet on the do it yourself method, has announced the launch of a line of nail polishes manufactured with 100% vegan ingredients, solvent-based and organic origin and plant pigments.
According to the Mintel, while anti-aging attributes remain relatively unexplored in the segment of cosmetics to nails. "The color cosmetics has thirst for innovation, in particular to meet the demand of older women. With the aging population of mature countries, brands of nail polish can explore new possibilities to satisfy consumers less young people, "says Charlotte Libby in your article. However, other attributes, such as hydration, smoothness and resistance can also help attract both young women as mature, in addition to enlarge the field of applications for protection.
Finally, the Mintel also points to new opportunities in the solutions for removing Nail Polish. "The removers are often aggressive for the nails and cuticles. So if the brands develop innovative products that not only remove the enamel but also provide benefits to the health of nails, certainly be able to win over users and encourage more frequent use of "removers.
Brazil Beauty News - 13/06/2017
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