Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thank you Designs Double Billing in 2017

After achieving a growth of 500% in 2016 in comparison with the previous year, the brand of coconut water Thanks designs double this number in 2017, reveals Carlos Rabello, commercial and marketing director of the company, in an exclusive interview to the newspaper Fun News. According to him, the flagship of the brand this year will be the partnership with Disney, which allows the coconut water with licensed movie packaging Moana, with infant attachment. "For being a product of immediate consumption, we believe that the product of 200 ml of 15 to 20 Moana represents% of sales," he says.
Coconut milk to drink in addition, Rabello says the brand challenge this year is to be known also in a new category of products, the coconut milk to drink. "It''s a very new category in the Brazilian market. We understand that it''s not just a''s brand was a launch to the market, so retailers will need to get used to where you expose this product, understand that consumer it is made and for which periods. This product must represent 15% on our sales, "he explains. According to the company, the product is made without lactose and comes in original, mango and passion fruit, chocolate, and strawberry banana and flaxseed.
Expanded distribution and POV Present currently in 26000 points of sale, Carlos Rabello says that the goal is to reach at least 50000 points of sale throughout Brazil until the end of the year. "The distribution is our focus for this year. Our priority for the points of sale will be working with tasting for the coconut milk. We understand that it is a new product, a new category, and that the client needs to taste to know and become a consumer, "he explains. Currently, the portfolio of the Thanks has more than 25 items.
Giro News - 03/05/2017
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