Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Retail and betting industry in sales of jerk

Since the second half of may, the network stores Atacadão-atacarejo flag of Carrefour-enlarge assortment of typical products of June festivals, focusing on merchants and the final consumer. The network strengthens their stocks and starts the '' economy '' S party.
Seasonal action, which will be in effect in all self-service shops in the country network, starts this week and the offer of more than 300 products. The campaign offers a wide assortment of items and typical inputs, packaging and disposables.

To make the sales area in the climate of St. John, all stores receive a special decoration and display the traditional flags and stalls. The space concentrates the main products of the action, as paçoca, chikki, popcorn, Hominy, ginger, peanuts, wine, pine nuts, corn, Apple and sweet potato, brandy to hotness, ingredients for mulled wine and soup, among others. On relationship of highlights are the articles go as, for example, popcorn machine, couscous, casseroles and pans, recording an increase of sales during this period.
"For this is the third Atacadão most important sales period of the commercial calendar behind Christmas and Easter only. Our stores are stocked with the most complete assortment of typical products, ranging from ingredients to packaging, a complete solution to meet merchants, processors, in addition to schools, businesses and street fairs, that perform large parties in the months of June and July, "says Roberto Müssnich, ceo of Atacadão.
PIF Paf: skewers of chicken and breaded
The Pif Paf foods, which has a mix of more than 300 items, already is preparing to meet the growing demand in this period. According to the company''s Iistitucionais relations manager, Claudio Faria, products like chicken breaded and traditional kebabs, sausages and sausages, paio, bacon and pepperoni, are items that register large growth in consumption and sales. "In this period we estimate an amount of approximately 20% in sales of these products; are products that offer convenience without compromising the taste "would do. He adds that the frozen skewers, which are already seasoned and ready for baking, are also highly sought after products during the season the jerk.
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