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Force sees room for growth of special cheeses in the Brazilian market

Sao Paulo-the Force wants to expand sales of special cheeses and hopes to repeat in the category, the same movement of the branches of coffee and beer, which had high sales of items with higher added value.
However, to grow the manufacturer knows they will have to deal with two barriers: the knowledge and the price. "We studied a lot of the market in recent years and also as the boom of special beers in Brazil to recreate it in cheese and realize the industry''s strategy along with retail, in beers, was uncomplicated. Rather than adopt a boring speech to explain with what each beer combines, they invited Brazilians to try to find out what else they like, "said the Director of DCI cheese unit of Force, Luis Bueno.
For him, as the majority of the brazilian population does not know the special cheeses, the fastest way to expand the demand is encouraging this experimentation and, to this end, the company has invested to promote the tasting of the products at retail. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel: consumer advice provided by Force, the category of special cheeses with participation in just 9.5 percent of Brazilian homes, while the basic cheeses have a presence of 84.6% in the country. The frequency of purchase of special cheeses is also low, two average purchases per year.
With a still timid participation in the market, the category of special cheeses grew 45% last year and, in evaluating Bueno will continue showing this pace of expansion in the coming years.
"Brazil is still the country of the mozzarella and we realize that, of course, would this expansion for the specials. What we did was create a division dedicated to cheeses in Force in 2015 and, since then, we have studied a lot of the market to accelerate the growth of this category and get ready for the boom in demand, "he explained.
In the vision of the Director, the expected expansion is already underway, in his opinion. "In a situation [Economic] country like Brazil, products growing at a double-digit rate are a boom".
The price, another barrier to expand sales, also entered in the strategy of Force and the solution is simple: offer the cheeses in smaller packages.
"The Brazilians still have, generally speaking, the perception that the special cheeses are very expensive, costing R $200 a kilo, but around £ $60 and nobody''s going to buy a kilo of gorgonzola at once. Generally, the demand is for a portion of 100 grams and people are more willing to shell out less than R $10 to try a new product, "said the Executive.
The company has invested in smaller packages and shared strategy with retailers. "We have sought not to communicate first the price per kilo in supermarkets, not to scare people," he said.
Largest portfolio
According to the Director of the unit, along with the strategies to stimulate demand, the company has launched new products and in different age of consumption
"We work with four different brands. The Danube is white milk brand and has a placement of premium products. We have launched this brand of cheeses, creams like cream cheese, fresh cheese, ricotta and cottage, a category that has been growing in recent years, because it has the appeal of healthiness, "he explains.
Consultancy Nielsen data, released by the Executive, show that the brand Danubio took the lead in the segment of cream cheese in Brazil this year, with a slice of 27.6% of this market.
Blue Ribbon brand already known by the Parmesan cheese, incorporated new products to your online and, now, also has type cheeses gouda, gruyère, emmental, brie, camembert and blue cheese, being the last three imported in a partnership with the Danish Arla Foods.
"With this we have a very broad portfolio of Blue Ribbon, but we still have the brand Sierra beauty, another who has the portfolio special cheeses, but with a more affordable price and she has that position in order to invite the Brazilian who has not yet entered in the category of special cheeses to know these products," he adds.
The seal already Saw Bela has type products gouda, gruyère, emmental, brie, camembert and gorgonzola in the portfolio. According to Luis Bueno, Parmesan cheeses, gorgonzola and provolone are considered products of input to the special category.
"And our fourth brand is the Jong, type cheesecake realm, which has 90% of our sales are concentrated in the northeast of the country", said the Executive. Popular in Northeastern States, the cheese Jong is traditionally consumed at the end of the year. "Jong in that region is the equivalent of fruitcake at Christmas, people consume too much at this time and also buying for gift giving," said. About 80% of sales of de Jong occurs between the months of October and December, said he.
The Force holds five cheese manufacturing units in Brazil, four of them in the State of Minas Gerais and São Paulo (Danubio products only).
DCI - 29/05/2017
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