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Basket rises in all the capitals of the country in April

The basic basket price rose in all the capitals of the country in April.
The largest high were recorded in Porto Alegre (6.17%), Cuiabá (5.51%), Palmas (5.16%), Salvador (4.85%) and Boa Vista (4.71%).
The lowest elevations were observed in Goiânia (0.13%) and São Luís (0.35%). The data, released today (8), are the national survey of the Basic Food Basket, made monthly by the Inter-Union Department of statistics and socioeconomic studies (Dieese).
In Porto Alegre, was the most expensive basket (R $464.19), followed by Florianopolis (R $453.54), Rio de Janeiro (R $448.51) and São Paulo (R $446.28). Rio Branco (R $333.18) and Aracaju (R $363.87) were the cities with the lowest values.
In the first four months of 2017, 11 capitals registered fall in the price of the basket, especially Rio Branco (-13.33%), Manaus (-5.34%) and Maceió (-4.32%).
However, in capital increased 16, being the most expressive in Fortaleza (7.33%), Recife (5.97%) and Teresina (4.84%).
In the past 12 months (March to April 2016 2017), 20 cities recorded high in the basket. The most significant increases were observed in Natal (10.28%), Fortress (9.85%) and Porto Alegre (8.73%).
The reductions occurred in seven cities, especially Bethlehem (-3.49%), Macapá (-3.28%) and Rio Branco (-3.11%).
According to the Dieese, in April the minimum salary required for the maintenance of a family should be R $3,899.66, or 4.16 times the official minimum wage of R $937.00.
The calculation considers the constitutional determination that the minimum should be sufficient to defray the costs of a worker and his family, with food, housing, health, education, clothing, hygiene, transportation, recreation and welfare.
Price behavior
The tomato recorded increase in capital, on April 27. The high ranged from 5.61%, in Belém, and 64.69%, in Porto Alegre.
According to the Dieese, the end of the summer crop harvest and the milder climate were the factors that have reduced supply and increased the value of the fruit.
The potato also featured high in all capitals, with increases in Florianópolis (37.84%), Cuiabá (29.91%), Porto Alegre (26.64%) and Curitiba (26.40%).
According to the Dieese, the rains have reduced the supply of the tuber. The increased demand for the product, in Holy week, caused the price of potatoes grow in all capitals.
The milk had increased in price 20 capitals, with elevations in Recife (8.81%), Cuiabá (4.85%), Christmas (2.44%) and Clap (2.30%).
The most expressive retractions were recorded in Boa Vista (-3.65%) and São Luís (-3.09%).
Already the price of rice decreased in 23 capital, with variations between-7.36%, in Campo Grande, and-0.25%, in Teresina. In Sao Paulo, the price of grain and elevation ranged not in Manaus (0.32%), Fortress (0.63%) and Bethlehem (2.84%).
According to the Dieese, stocks fueled the industry and the low demand of consumers caused the price of rice decreased in April.
Exame - 08/05/2017
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