Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Coca-Cola launches Del Valle in pet bottle

Coca-Cola is changing the presentation of the line juice 100% juice and Del Valle Homemade Orange, earning versions in 300 ml pet bottle. The boxes in Tetrapak will not be sold, and the brand''s goal with the new packaging is to bring greater convenience to the consumer. Del Valle juices will be available in the flavors grape, Orange and Apple.
The method of bottling the bottles, called hot fill, is based on the filling of cylinders heated to temperatures of up to 95. The containers are then immediately capped and inclined, and your inside is sterilized by hot liquid. Soon after, are colds so that the heat does not affect the properties of the drink.
To spread the news, the brand will do actions in points of sale, with a focus on consumption. " Let''s get off the shelf locations, as the areas of snacks. The produce will also be activated. We''re going to be where people seek a more natural juice and true to the fruit. Is a strategy for our bottles are placed in the most visible. For the first time we will also be in the cold ", highlights gondolas Ana Carolina Curi, brand manager Del Valle.
The labels also gain a new identity. "The dark label, which covers all packaging, brings a more premium and modern identity for the juices", explains Ana Carolina. The bottles will be available in major retail outlets, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, bakeries and convenience stores, and are also distributed in restaurants.
Meio & Mensagem - 18/04/2017
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