Monday, April 10, 2017

Becel can no longer be sold

For at least two years in difficulty to revitalize the business of margarines, Unilever gave. The company will open hand of leadership in the global food manufacturing and will seek a buyer for the operation. In Brazil, this movement will mean no longer market the brand name Becel. Abroad the same product is called Flora.
About a decade, the multinational sold the margarine brands Perdigão Doriana, Delicata and Claybon, along with equipment for the production of the products installed in Valinhos, São Paulo State. The Becel was then, as the only brand marketed by company category in the country.
Today, the company is no longer among the top five competitors in the segment, according to consulting firm Euromonitor International. Bunge, owner of Perfection and marks delight, reached the market leadership of margarine, in 2016 with slice of 19.7%. Exceeded the BRF, which sells Qualy, Deline and Claybon, and slice of 18.2%. The following positions are JBS (12%), manufacturer of Doriana, followed by Itambé (6.9%).
Unilever''s decision to put the business of margarines for sale did not surprise experts. The category loses force for years in various markets, despite the efforts of companies to revitalize the business through new versions and more publicity.
The decline of the thread is assigned to the global change of consumer habits, that he started using butter-before seen as villain and now hands the healthier option than vegetable fats.
The Euromonitor estimates that sales of margarine in Brazil totaled 388,100 tons in 2016, down from 388,500 tons in the previous year. By revenue, was decrease of 7.8%, to R$ 3.87 billion. The country is the seventh largest global market for butter and margarine. The list is led by United States, Iran and Germany. Unilever is a global leader in butter and margarine, with 12.3% of the market in 2016, up from 15.8 percent in five years. World sales in the category reached $4.6 billion last year.
The consumption of margarine in the world retreated 2 percent in volume in the year 2016, to 3,920,000 tons. In value, there was a 2.4 percent advance. Sought, the Unilever Brazil didn''t mention the subject.
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