Friday, March 10, 2017

Cargill adopts stand-up pouch to Pomarola

The Bemis developed packagings stand-up pouch format (plastic bag for standing) with foilless structure (no aluminum) for tomato line of Cargill, maker of tomato sauces Pomarola and Tarantella.
Among the main benefits of the change, according to the manufacturer, are the 25% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the facilitation of the process of recycling and lower raw material consumption by reducing the weight of the Pack in 8%.
"Reducing carbon emissions in 25% of the packaging represents 826,200 pounds of CO2 unless in the environment," says Márcio Barela, Cargill''s sustainability Coordinator.
"Using the tool development Stage Gate, we work closely with the client to understand their needs, and develop a detailed action plan of adjustment of machinery, consultancy and training. This enabled the new packaging concept was implemented assertively, in view of the implementation schedule set by Cargill, "explains Antonio Ponce, Marketing Manager of Shelf Stable food & beverage Bemis.
Embalagem Marca - 09/03/2017
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