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February, 2017

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Nestlé has the smallest expansion in 20 years

2/24/2017 - The sales growth of Nestle did not fall as steeply as the mountains that surround the Swiss group''s

Pastry chefs are trying to build the world''s largest chocolate in Uberaba

2/24/2017 - Pastry chefs from various parts of the country are in Uberaba and will build a chocolate sculpture t

Natura mira sales on mother''s day

2/24/2017 - São Paulo-Natura is betting on a strategy to have strong presence in sales for mother''s day from 20

Arcelor and Votorantim sign an agreement in long steel

2/24/2017 - ArcelorMittal Brazil and Votorantim celebrated on Wednesday (22), a contract whereby Votorantim Side

Toilet paper has become more charged in 9 States

2/24/2017 - High rates of the tax on inheritances and donations (ITCMD) is one of the weapons that the States me

Packages of Heinz star posters of movies Oscar nominees

2/24/2017 - The Agency Africa created for Heinz adapted versions of Brazil posters of movies Oscar nominees 2017

Walmart and Assai expect high sales at the Carnival

2/23/2017 - Carnival with high temperature can be a good combination to raise sales of certain categories in sup

Carrefour Promotes action with Campari Drinks

2/23/2017 - Carrefour stores in the State of São Paulo, between 21 and 28 this month, the campaign "Monte Bar".

Divine Stove Only Use free chickens eggs

2/23/2017 - The Divine restaurants network Stove disclosed that until 2025 will use only eggs from hens that hav

YouTubers Are Bet the Rocket in the consumer''s Day

2/23/2017 - The site, which compares prices of e-commerce, announced a campaign starring influencers from Youtub

Tirolez is ready to Reduce Margins To Reheat Market

2/23/2017 - The manufacturer of cheese and dairy products is projected to grow 10% in Tirolez 2017. However, Cic

Minerva Profits R$ 12.3 mi, but Has 81.5% drop

2/23/2017 - The Minerva released the balance of the fourth quarter and recorded net profit of 12,300,000 R$. A f

IPCA-15 Registers 0.54% with high Education

2/23/2017 - Preview of the official inflation, according to the IBGE – Brazilian Institute of geography and stat

Purchasing power of the senior generation moves consumption

2/23/2017 - In Brazil, consumers over 60 years must be with 16% of the country''s income in 2020 and most of the

Blocks multiply in São Paulo and expect 2 million revellers

2/23/2017 - The Carnival of São Paulo has overtaken the catwalk of the Sambadrome and broke into the city''s str

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