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Scania expands sale of connected services

Scania TRUCKS expands sale of services connected
Program allows you to send online report about the truck to the dealer with 14 days in advance, avoiding problems like lines, lack of parts and to the unavailability of time
The Scania is extending the sale of services connected to the customers of the brand in the country. Since the beginning of this year, the automaker has already sold over 6000 packages of a program that promises to reduce by up to 80% of the time the truck stopped at the dealership for repairs.
This type of service, according to the company, is one of the big differentiators for customer to choose the brand, not the competition, because the truck is a well of capital and must run – unlike the ride vehicle.
"The use of the asset has to be optimized. The truck cannot be stopped, "said the DCI Director of connected services of Scania, Fábio Souza.
The Executive mind that connected services have become a commodity in the market for heavy vehicles. "Automakers collect customer data, but often do not know what to do with it," he says.
The idea of the product, according to Scania, is to anticipate stops before it is needed. "The data are sent to the dealers, who come into contact with the client, and schedule a visit. In this way, the workshop is prepared in advance, which avoids unnecessary waiting time and even the unavailability of time ", explains the Manager of the automaker's connected services, Alex Barucco.
The vehicle that has the services connected system sends to the concessionaire a report on what needs to be done with 14 days in advance. "With that, the customer can prepare and the network also. We can reduce up to 80% of the time the vehicle stopped, "says Sharma.
He recalls, however, that it is usual of automakers offer maintenance programs that the customer already knows how much it will pay. "But in the connected services of Scania, the owner will only pay the kilometer run", guarantees.
The program promises to still identify the driver's standards, such as driving style, average speed, fuel consumption and maintenance intervals. "Unlike other services of type, the program updates the cost of maintenance. That's because not always the client runs so much that he paid in monthly plan. "
The Commission points out that, in the crisis, the owner started to count the cost of much more assiduous. "If there is a mismatch between revenue and cost, the customer will only pay for what he actually used", explains.
In Brazil, Scania operates in the categories of heavy trucks and semi-pesados, where the competition is extremely fierce. The marks are very traditional, including Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and MAN Latin America.
Souza explains that, in this scenario, the automaker can't just sell trucks. "The use of the asset need to be rationalized. The truck can't stand a day, otherwise the client loses revenue, "details.
He reports that the Scania took two years to develop the program. "We take all this time because we had to deploy all the processes in the dealers."
The executives stand out, however, that there is a limitation to install the service on older vehicles. "Trucks manufactured before 2012 do not have wiring for connected services, but I wouldn't say that this is an insurmountable barrier", says Souza.
The company projected that, from now on, at least 50% of new Scania trucks already should leave the factory with flexible plan, which foresees monitoring by the services connected. "Conectitividade today is a commodity. But the benefits brought by our product translate into profitability in fact to the carrier ", assures Barucco.
DCI - 21/12/2017
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