Friday, December 08, 2017

Sales of Supermarkets Gauchos will grow 3.5% at the end of Year

The supermarket sector Gaucho designs that sales of Christmas and new year will have a growth of 3.5%, pulled by the marketing of typical products for the holidays in the days immediately prior to those two events-last minute sales. The survey was done by the Institute at the request of the Association Research Segment Gaúcha de Supermarkets (Agas). Research indicates that the typical prices for the holidays are on average 1.6% more expensive than last year, below the brazilian inflation index in the period. According to the Institute, 80 percent of supermarket ears will do some sort of promotion in the holiday season. With respect to the purchase of food and drinks for the holidays, 92.3% of the Gauchos prefer to purchase these items at grocery stores. The study also shows that families Gaucho will spend on average R $451.38 in foods for the holidays. According to estimates of the Agas, the supermarket sector Gaucho will absorb some R $2.6 billion of the estimated R $13 billion (or 20%) to be injected in Rio Grande do Sul economy by the 13th salary.
With respect to the expectations of marketing the products, which should pull in sales growth are consumer electronics (7.5%)-growth expectation, in addition to soft drinks, beers, clothes and home appliances (all 5%). Sparkling wines have 3.1% growth in sales, with sales of 5 million bottles-95% of them produced in the Serra Gaúcha. The Christmas pudding will advance 3.5%, will be 4 million units sold, which must represent 12% of the national production of the product. About the Christmas birds, the Gauchos will again focus on the "fearful should" and more accessible and quick preparation. In all, 850,000 birds (2700 tonnes) are marketed by the industry. According to the survey of the Office segment, the clothes (46.1%) are still the most wanted gift for wives and husbands, followed by perfumes/toiletries (25.8%). For those who want to present kids, the toys are the product most sought by 61% of consumers.
Thread Research Institute at the request of the Gaucho Association of Supermarkets (Agas) heard, in the month of October, 20 supermarket and 200 consumers of both sexes and of different social classes and age groups in Rio Grande do Sul.
Giro News – 07/12/2017
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