Thursday, December 07, 2017

Native extends line of organic juices

The Native has expanded the line of organic Eco Friends with the launch of three new flavors of mixed juices: passion fruit, grapes and tangerines, all with addition of Apple. The juice contains no sugar, just the sugar of the fruit, and are available in aseptic carton packs of 200 milliliters.
Besides the drinks, the portfolio includes two types of cereals had their formulas and packages reformed: Choco Balls, pellets corn and cacao, chocolate and flavoured Corn Flakes, corn flakes sugary.
The strategy used by the Native on line Eco Friends is not only offer secure and certified organic, but also arouse the environmental awareness in children.
For that, were chosen three characters that make up the "Eco Squad Friends": the superhero Green Boy and his friends, the howler monkey Bugi and fairy Ive. They fight against the Lord Polutor, who do not understand the consequences of their actions, leaves a trail of pollution. Your images, printed on packages, have the function of presenting the different types of animals that inhabit the areas of organic sugar cane farms of the San Francisco Plant, owner of the Native brand.
EM – 07/12/2017
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