Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mili launches the first toilet paper double sheet with 60 meters roll

Offering twice the paper without taking up twice the space, the Dual 60 Metres Double Sheet Mili ensures economy and advantage logistics for the entire chain, from the industry, to the trade and the consumer.
The same amount of paper results in a 30% smaller size in 60 m rolls. This means that four Dual 60 Double Sheet rollers are equivalent to the same amount of eight rolls of Two-ply 30 meters with a much smaller space.
The development of the new line of toilet paper resulted, for the Mili, in productivity gains. The factory got raw material reduction and increase in value per volume, in addition to optimize storage costs and gain greater logistics efficiency.
For retail, the advantages are also numerous, beginning with the reduction of storage spaces. 60 m rolls also provide more efficiency of logistics distribution centers and stores. With larger quantities at the POS products, increases the value of the sale by square meter.
At home, the consumer will realize the gains by decreasing the frequency of purchase of the product on the market. In addition, the packages are easier to transport and store. For being larger and more economical, the exchanges in support of the bathroom will be less frequent.
Year of news
Earlier this year, the Mili introduced the disposable diapers for children Mili Love & Care, premium category.
The Mili Love & Care was created to surprise the consumer, which is impacted by the message "time for change", an appeal with double meaning: change the diaper and switch brands. The birthday suit has six layers of overprotection to leave a baby dry for up to 12 hours. The maximum absorption gel solidifies the flow quickly.
Soft cover ensures soft touch cotton extract leaves skin breathe. Elastic waist tabs provide comfortable fit in the body of the baby. The new line offers six sizes, from RN to XXL, to meet from newborns to babies weighing more than 15 pounds.
Along with the new diapers, the Mili relaunched one of their most innovative products, pioneer in the Brazilian market: the absorbent sheet, in remodeled in standard Care with five & Love units.
The sheet has multiple applications. Can be used as a protector in the diaper changes, mainly in tours and trips. With dimensions of 85 × 64 cm, also serves as a protector for the cradle, stand and even to play on the floor.
Diapers Mili Love Care are being manufactured in & two new production lines installed in the industrial park in Curitiba. Cutting-edge technology is Italian and confers high capacity and speed to the productive process.
The line of diapers for adult audiences, the Mili Vita, was also updated. The largest production volume won diapers and lower cost and are now built for better performance in comfort and absorption.
Already the traditional diaper line Ultra Dry, Mili presentations was reworked for more comfort. The novelty is that the children's diapers already well known on the market now are laminated with the same raw material that ensures the smooth soft touch of Love & Care.
Featured on the market
In 2016, the paranaense Mili was the biggest and best brazilian company in the paper and pulp sector in the ranking of Exame Magazine. Throughout the year, the company launched two lines of high quality napkins and a full line of feminine absorbent premium category.
In February, the company received the trophy sales Leaders, delivered by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Open). It is the fifth consecutive year in which the mark Mili stands out as the single best-selling sheet toilet paper from Brazil.
The growth strategy of the company founded in 1983 is based on good service of chain of sellers and distributors, in equipment and technology, and on quality and diversification of products.
Tissue on line - 20/12/2017
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