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Everybody wins with the economy of the standing forest

The Apothecary Group helps its suppliers to promote the same that initiatives to reduce the consumption of energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions one of the newest fronts between the practices of sustainability of the Group's effort to involve Apothecary all cadei the production of their products. Own brands the Apothecary, The Beauty Box, Eudora and Who said, Berenice?, the Group developed the eco-efficiency Partnership Program, in which your engineering team provides consultancy for its suppliers to implement projects to reduce the consumption of water and energy, and the greenhouse gas emissions and waste operations. The technical advice is free, and the counterpart is the commitment in the implementation of the plans.
Currently, 12 factories of suppliers participating in the program, existing from 2015. "As a large company, we can be the changes also in our suppliers", says Fabio Miguel, Director of the Group's Apothecary supplies. According to him, the goal of the project is to share technologies already studied and implemented at the premises of the group or even identify and propose customized solutions for each industry.
On this basis, the partner companies assess, in accordance with the investment we can make, what improvements can be made. The Apothecary's Advisory Team monitors and monitors the implementation and the results. The program accounted for, so far, to reducing 43 400 cubic meters of water per year, the equivalent to the volume of 17 Olympic swimming pools. Also spared 10 300 megawatt-hour per year, enough for the consumption of the residence of almost 7 000 people, in addition to reducing 41 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 115 car trips between the Bahia and Paraná.
Supplier of the Group for 24 years, Apothecary Box Print was one of the first to participate in the project. Located in Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul, the company operates in the graphic market producing paper packaging. The two largest company production costs are raw materials and machine set-up, adjustment made in the equipment before you run a print. To gain efficiency, the program suggested buying a more modern machine for decoration and finishing of packaging. The new equipment consumes 8% less energy than the previous one, can make cuts and creases in a format that allows the saving of 500 pounds of paper per month. Another improvement was the acquisition of two forklifts for loading bales of paper shavings, compressed and sent for recycling. The vehicles use, to the same inner drive, 28% less liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) than the old model.
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