Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Domestic demand for air travel grows 5.86% in November, says Abear

The domestic demand for air travel grew up 5.86 percent in November compared with the same month of 2016, according to a survey released on Tuesday, 19, Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear), which gathers the data of its members (Avianca, blue, Latam and Goal) . It was the ninth consecutive month of expansion.
The domestic offering was 3.45% expansion on equal basis for comparison.
The occupancy rate rose 1.88 percentage point to 82.71% in the month. The total travel within the country was 7.6 million, with 6.38 percent advance.
"In harmony with the seasonality typical of the Brazilian domestic market, November statistics feature slight deceleration compared to October results, for they grow more vigorously in December month that marks the beginning of the high season of summer" highlights the Abear.
The Goal led the domestic market share in November with 36.64%, followed by Latam, 33.07%, with blue, 17.05%, and Avianca, 13.24%.
From January to November this year, compared to the same range of 2016, domestic demand builds up 3.28% growth, and the offer has elevation of 1.50%. The occupancy rate is 81.42%, 1.40 percentage point expansion.
International market
The demand for international travel in November was discharged of 6.77% compared to the previous year, accumulating 14 consecutive months of growth. The offer rose 9.62%. The addition of capacity in higher proportion than the demand growth led to a retraction of 2.20 percentage points in occupancy rate, which was 82.72% in the month.
Were transported 691,700 international passengers in November, an increase of 11.77 percent. The associated statistics Abear about 30 percent of the market.
Latam led international market participation in the month, with 71.37%, followed by blue, with 11.87%, Gol, 10.69%, and Avianca, 6.08%.
By November the demand for international flights accumulates growth of 12.28% compared to the previous year. In the period, the offer was 10.52% expansion. The occupancy rate stood at 85.04%, 1.34 percentage point expansion. Passengers transported on these flights amount to 7.6 million, a volume 11.60% higher than last year.
"Even without the addition of data of December, 2017 is already the best year of international aviation between the Brazilian airline at all times", highlights the Abear.
Domestic aviation moved 33100 tons of cargo in November, up 7.01 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. In the international market, the bustling in the month 21200 tonnes represent growth of 16.17%.
DCI - 20/12/2017
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