Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas: learn what are the most popular toys in Brazil

Don't know what to buy for Christmas? A tip for those who are in search of toy is knowing what other people are looking for. A survey made by Google at the request from LOOK shows that the Barbie heads the research ranking of toys, with 12.8% of the total – in this percentage included are all products of the brand, including dolls, games, crafts, accessories, among others.
The second most researched is the Lego toy, with 8.9% of searches. The baby reborn is the third of the ranking, with 7.3% of searches, followed by Baby Alive (7.2%) and Nerf (3%) – see complete rankings below.
The sixth place on the list is occupied by doll LOL, with 2.2% of searches. On the site the free market, the search for dolls LOL Surprise had a growth of 61% compared to November. The miniatures come within a round structure and the buyer only knows the template after opening the gift.
Groups of mothers on social networks have reported problems with buying counterfeit dolls. Various videos on YouTube teaching how to differentiate the true from the false. The false, instead of LOL, the packaging bears the name LQL. The difference isn't just that, so it pays to buy only from trusted companies and require the Exchange if the doll is not true.
Barbie 12.8%
LEGO 8.9%
Baby reborn 7.3%
Baby Alive 7.2%
2.2% LOL's Dressup sets
Hot Wheels 2%
Remote control 1.5%
Beyblade 1.5%
Polly 1.4%
Safety tips
Care must be taken with the purchase and keep in mind that kids can't be exposed to risks and goals that cause accidents.
According to Inmetro, toys must not have sharp tips and parts or small parts that can easily detach and cause accidents.
You also need to be aware if they are manufactured or painted with toxic material, since children usually take toys to the mouth, nose and ears.
Below, Inmetro tips when buying toys:
Require the identification of the stamp or seal of certification
Do not buy products in informal trade, because it is the greater the risk of falsification and irregularities.
Always the invoice require establishment where you purchased.
Before handing them to children, carefully read the operating instructions, which guide about safe use of the product.
Special care should be observed in the retreat of the packaging, which may have metal staples, with inadequate papers etc.
Check if the age group is consistent with the age of the child presented
Veja - 18/12/2017
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