Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Adeo group brings two new networks for the Country

Best known for the network of shops of building materials, 20 years ago Leroy Merlin in the country, the French group Adeo decided to raise the stakes in the Brazilian retail sector. The company, fourth-largest in the world in the ' do it yourself ', decided to bring two new brands for Brazil: the Obramax, a atacarejo of building materials for professionals and small retailers, and the Zôdio, which brings together products and services related to home life.
The first atacarejo store is scheduled for 2018. But the Zôdio – which, according to the group, brings a new retail concept, much based on experiences, as courses – opens its doors on Tuesday, 5, in the Marginal Tietê in São Paulo, along with new unit of Leroy Merlin. In the address, the group is investing R $210 million to erect the largest home center in Latin America.
"We've always had a long-term vision in the country", says the Director-General of the Leroy Merlin, Alain Ryckeboer, to justify the investments at a time when the economy barely out of recession. He explains that the group is eyeing the market potential of 207 million consumers in a sector where supply is much the largest retailers: pulverized account for 15% of the sales of construction materials.
The decision to build a shop with 20000 square meters, almost double that worked in Marginal Tiete until last weekend, was taken by the company because of the large increase in flow of customers in the region. The great drive transformed the unit into one of the three largest in sales among the 41 stores in the country.
The Executive explained that the expansion will be in two stages. The first, completed now, involves a sales area of 12000 m ². The complete project is planned for August 2018. "Within two or three years, we will be making money 50% more with this new store in relation to the current." Sales of Leroy shall move from R $5 billion this year, with a high of 10%.
The new store will have more than 100,000 items and cutting edge technology. You can see how your project will be using augmented reality features. You can also hire labor services, often one of the obstacles to reform.
ISTOÉ – 05/12/2017
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