Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mary invests in increased production

Sao Paulo-the Mary foods, specializing in cheese bread and other lines of frozen, is investing R $2.5 million in new product lines and in your factory expansion in the mining town of light.
With the supply, the company intends to join the fingers as nuggets, which should increase in 3000 tonnes per year, between 2018 and 2019, your current production of 16000 tonnes. The contributions will raise from 9000 to 12000 square meters, the production capacity of the plant.
"Even during the crisis we maintained a level of factory utilization at 85%," said the company''s commercial Director DCI, Ronaldo Evelande. According to him, how about 40% of revenue comes from outsourced production of own brands, such as pizzas, lasagnas and snacks, plus cheese bread, sold in large retail chains, such as Carrefour and Pão de Açúcar, the company suffered less from the recession.
The Executive pointed out that after a growth of 12% last year, the company anticipates closing this year with a turnover between R and R $143 million $148 million, which would mean an expansion of the order of 11% to 15%.
Evelande pointed out that one of the company''s strategies to follow growing even amid the economic crisis, was to expand the participation of trademark combat-racing with the cheaper-Bao, which hits the shelves with rates between 10% and 15% below the premium products with name Mary. "We expanded the presence of our brand of lowest price of 5% to 15% of revenues," he said.
To meet the growth and improve distribution, Mary designs inaugurate a new factory, between 2019 and 2020, which will be installed in Sergipe, due to tax benefits and logistics.
Another front that must win representation is that of the international market. Evelande pointed out that the goal of the company is to achieve a 10% share of the 5% of current exports revenues until 2020. "We''ve sold more than 50 tons of cheese a month for 17 countries, equivalent to 1 million units," he said, adding that 80 percent of that is shipped abroad is cheese bread.
With about 30% of exports, the United States is the main destination of products of Mary. There, however, purchases are only of cheese bread, while other countries, such as those in Africa and the Middle East, are imported all the lines of the company. "Already produce up to the packaging in Arabic," he said.
However, for the North American market, the company distributed products with some specific features, as multigrainin stall, they have good reception abroad.
With the growth registered in the last years, the company chat with funds interested in investing in the company. According to him, no proposals advanced so far, but the manufacturer has already stepped forward and provides audited balance sheet for 2018.
DCI – 23/10/2017
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