Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Long-life milk prices remain under pressure in wholesale and retail

Long-life milk prices in the wholesale and retail remain pressured by higher offer and demand weak, according to the survey of Scot Consultoria. In September, according to Scot, the average wholesale paulista was R $2.13 per litre, below the R $2.32 of August. In retail, the milk came out of R $2.96 in August to R $2.90, on average.
Rafael Ribeiro, the Scot says that wholesale "the tendency is the slight fall maintenance, after strong declines observed, mainly for milk long life". He adds that the sharp drop in prices has already taken the producer to reduce spending on the activity, which, for now, little impacted production.
The price of milk to the Brazilian producer also plunged in September. This month, the producer received, on national average, R $1.087 by liter of milk delivered in August, a retreat of 3.56 percent on the previous payment, according to survey of the Scot. This is the fourth consecutive drop. In August, the retraction had been of 2.45%.
In analysis, Rajan says that "the market follows, according to the greater supply of milk and retail pressure due to bad sales" of the final products.
He notes that the scenario is the same as the previous month and emphasizes that increased the number of dairies that expect stability in prices paid to producers in October and November.
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